OLga Kiehn


My art background is based on Traditional Russian Art School. I received my BA in Fine Art from Penza College of Fine Arts and then continued my education and completed my Masters in  Moscow’s Stroganoff Art Academy.  To understand different teaching approaches and methods I spent time studying Classical Italian Old Masters  taught in Florence Art Academy; French Classical Art technics taught in Grand Central Academy and copying of Old Masters at the Metropolitan Art Museum of New York City.

As an art instructor I combine my training and knowledge to bring the best of the traditional classical Russian, Italian and French art schools. My philosophy is that classical foundation is crucial to developing a relationship between hand, eye, and mind. Mastering this is what  provides students with framework which allows them to develop their own, unique style and express their individuality to the fullest potential.

The classes I offer are perfect for those, who want to:

- learn how to draw and don’t know where to start

- develop the necessary skills before they express their thoughts and ideas on paper or canvas

- have some drawing/painting experience, but lack the confidence in their abilities

- explore different tools and techniques in drawing/painting

- learn the principals of composition